LifeGlimmer provides advanced solutions to complex problems in the biosciences.

Using a systems level approach we help elucidate mechanisms to understand cellular processes in different organisms, and translate this knowledge into applications of biotechnological, medical and environmental interest.

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EmPowerPutida made it to the KETBIO top 10 of European Biotech Projects. LifeGlimmer did the project management, furthermore we engaged in data management, responsible research, and innovation (RRI)

LifeGlimmer placed 3rd in the Airbus Global Earth Observation Challenge hosted by Agorize and will be awarded a €10k voucher for use of their satellite data!

Our new H2020 project EPHOR, will deal with links between occupational exposome and derived disease patterns (more...)

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Founder and CEO of LifeGlimmer is Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Vitor Martins dos Santos.

He also holds the Chair for Systems and Synthetic Biology at the Wageningen University, The Netherlands and is the Director of the Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology, which has a focus on Food and Health.

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