Let our biological data analysts work for you!

Discover new links in complex datasets, visualise and understand dynamic networks, and predict systems behaviour.

LifeGlimmer exploits Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide solutions for precision medicine.

Data Management and Integration

There is an increasing amount and diversity of medical and biological data available both in public databases and siloed in proprietary databases, for example at hospitals or Pharma companies. Moreover new types of data, e.g. data from sensors and wearables are being collected.

LifeGlimmer addresses the challenge of converting and integrating these data into a single framework in order to gain a better understanding of biological complexity.

Our solutions include:

  • Employing strategies to ensure data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable
    and Reusable (FAIR principles).

  • Harmonisation of data from multiple sources to use shared terminologies e.g. ICD-10 terms for disease, Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)

  • Creating extensible and flexible databases for biological data

Decision support systems (DSSs)

Clinical Decision Support systems aggregate and generate knowledge from big data by applying Artificial Intelligence Methods.

LifeGlimmer's solutions include:

  • Developing text mining and Machine Learning algorithms to gain insights from clinical data to facilitate decision making, for example stratifying patients for different treatments

  • Creation of user interfaces and deployment to desktop and mobile solutions

Data Mining

Text remains one of the richest sources of information. LifeGlimmer uses text mining to automatically extract information from medical records and scientific papers, thus converting unstructured descriptive text into a machine-readable format. These data are then incorporated into a variety of applications, such as defining parameters for patient stratification and the identification of biomarkers.

LifeGlimmer’s solutions in this area include:

  • De-identification of the text (with removal of protected health information)

  • Data cleaning and pre-processing

  • Downstream analyses, including clustering of patients and prediction of patient outcomes

NGS Data Analytics

A thorough understanding of any biological system requires not only the knowledge of which genes, proteins or metabolites are responding to a stimulus but how the network of these molecules interact and regulate each other in biological pathways. In medical applications we can gain insights into the molecular basis of disease by comparing healthy and diseased tissue or investigating the response to drug treatments.
LifeGlimmer combines a variety of analytical algorithms that utilise data from publicly available bioinformatics resources.

LifeGlimmer’s solutions include:

  • Omics analysis (including RNASeq and DNASeq)

  • Statistical modelling (e.g. generalized linear model, differential expression analysis, survival model)

  • Gene Set Enrichment Analysis using a variety of Gene Sets, e.g. Gene Ontology and MSigDB Broad Institute

  • Network analysis

  • Implementation of Cytoscape apps (e.g. SyncVis) for visualizing omics data on molecular pathways

Management Research Projects

Our scientific project management services range from grant preparation support to project communication, administration and financial monitoring and cover:

  • Project development from idea to successful grant

  • Contractual management: Negotiation and maintenance of Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

  • Targeted communication and dissemination of project results to experts and the public alike

  • Project steering and administration: fostering project progress; ensuring compliance with regulations and contractual obligations

  • Financial management: Financial controlling, budget monitoring

  • Reporting: coordination, validation and submission of all technical and financial reports

  • Support in intellectual property (IP) management

  • Planning, organisation and chairing of annual meetings and workshops (e.g. of the Scientific Advisory Board, General Assembly Meetings)

App Development

Mobile apps are playing an ever increasing role in our everyday life, and the health area is not an exception.

With the benefit of being always connected to the cloud, independent of location and time, apps can constantly monitor a user’s well-being and improve their quality of life. This effect is enhanced when using apps in combination with wearable devices, like sensors.

LifeGlimmer’s solutions in this area include:

  • Apps for clinical decision support

  • Apps for personalized medicine

  • Apps for citizen/patient adherence

Metabolic modeling

By incorporating genome annotation and experimentally derived dynamic information genome scale metabolic models contribute to a better understanding of metabolism in a variety of organisms.

LifeGlimmer’s solutions in this area include:

  • Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction

  • Metabolic flux balance and variability analysis

  • Model-based gene knockout prediction

  • Dynamic modeling of signalling and metabolic pathways for understanding, targeting and optimising dynamic network behaviour

  • Predictive modeling for biomarkers, physiological effects, and clinical outcomes


We provide tailored trainings in bioinformatics-related tools and/or specific programming languages. Our experienced team of computational biologists train you in:

  • Introduction to R for Computational Biology and Biostatistic

  • Introduction to Python for Bioinformatics

  • Database design and querying using SQL

  • Data visualisation using Cytoscape

  • Introduction to Android App development

  • Shell scripting

  • Other languages and tools:
    Java, Perl, PHP, HTML/CSS/Javascript, XML, RDF/SPARQL, R Shiny, Unity